Not receiving market ticks from zerodha for Nifty Bank option

Getting market data for Nifty Bank but not getting market data for option's (BANKNIFTY2242136300CE, BANKNIFTY2242136900CE, BANKNIFTY2242136300PE and etc) of Nifty Bank.

It usually works fine but today not getting any market data for Nifty Bank's options.

In logs it can be seen the subscription request is sent for options to Zerodha and after that received only one tick. From logs it can be verified that there is regular ticks for Nifty Bank but not for its options.

It has not happened before that Zerodha is not sending market ticks for options.

Using python kiteconnect 4.0.2 .

Why this issue regarding Market tick has arise and how can I fix it?
  • sujith
    Aren't these weekly expiry instruments and expiry date is 21st April 2022?
  • devpar
    Yes boss
    How will you get live data for the instruments that have been expired?? Websocket streams data for live instruments.
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