Add twofa_type Field in

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Please add twofa_type ("pin" or "totp") field in &, as required to show prompt msg. to the User before placing order via third party ( platform. We ( want to show msg. to our Users before placing order who do not have TOTP enabled.
  • sujith
    I'm afraid we can't add this to the session data or share this with entities that aren't Zerodha.

    The solution is to show error dialog to user when order place request gets input exception.
  • tuhinkole
    tuhinkole edited April 2022
    Hi @sujith , when user placed order if the TOTP is not enable , zerodha shows the error message. Before placeing order there is any API to get this user information if TOTP is enable or not.
    No,as Sujith Sir told above,you have to place a test order to check if totp is enabled or not.
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