SL-L Order | Need Better Solution to Execute it

Hi, As per our algorithm logic - Some times we have to trail SL more than 25 times or more (API limit is 25 of Order Modification), So we are storing SL in algo application and once LTP hits or SL price we are modifying Limit order to market. While doing this we are getting huge slippages sometimes. So is there any alternative solution to this.
    You can cancel the sl order after you have modified it 25 times and place a new sl order.
  • CoiningX
    Already doing it but checking for other options
  • rakeshr
    So is there any alternative solution to this
    No, you need to place limit based order, if you are looking to avoid slippages. This article mentions about the same on market orders, the instant order execution comes at the cost of slippage.
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