Invalid session credentials


I am using nodejs API

I am new to nodejs

After getting request token i am using kite.requestAccessToken(requesttoken,secret)
but receiving "Invalid session credentials" error

My redirect page is c# i am able to get Access Token in redirect page but not in nodejs

please suggest

  • Matti
    Hi @arjunender

    Are you sure you're using the same client ID as the one you've entered in the developer console?
    If yes, please PM me your API key and we'll check what could be going wrong.
  • arjunender
    arjunender edited February 2017
    Hi Nikhil,

    Yes, i am using the same Client ID.

    As i am using C# as redirect page i am able to getting all data

    And one more thing how to check whether Access Token is received in nodejs so that i can redirect to kite login


  • sujith
    Hi @arjunender,
    Your app looks fine. You have a valid redirect url also.
    If your session is not valid, you will get an error with message Invalid session and status code 403.
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