Nifty Future Instrument Token

Hi I didn't find Symbol and Instrument token for Nifty Future in the instrument-list. Can you please help me find the same?
Current Expiry Month : June 30th
Next Expiry Month : July
Third Expiry Month : August

Highly appreciate the quick response.

    SRIJAN edited June 2022
    We don't provide programming support on this forum.

    You can sort with the tradingsymbol or any of the columns of the instruments list to find data for your desired instruments.
  • joyhrs2002
    there is no symbol for Nifty Future I can find in the full instrument list... I wanted to know if I am missing something or there is no instrument defined for Nifty Future in Zerodha !!!
    All the instruments available on Kite are available in instruments list.

    The correct format for tradingsymbol of future instruments is:
    Underlying+YY+1st 3 letters of the Month+FUT.

    Like- NIFTY22JUNFUT.
  • joyhrs2002
    Sorry Srijan, I downloaded the full set of instruments from ... couldnot find any symbol for Nifty Future... I tried all the combinations...
    Will be great if you can help me find it for me?
    SRIJAN edited June 2022
    As told above,we don't provide programming support on this forum. This forum is purely dedicated to KiteConnect APIs.

    Tradingsymbol format has been mentioned above.
    You can use the same or sort with segment as 'NFO-FUT' ,incase you don't know the correct tradingsymbol for any equity future instrument.
  • SahilD
    @joyhrs2002 have you got the instrumnet id for FUTURES INDEX???
  • joyhrs2002
    Yes .. thanks SahilD
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