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Hi Sir

I am Naveen, I would like to subscribe for live data API. I have following questions. How do I call and speak?

1) I have my own system with my logics,  instead of we getting data from site and manually uploading we want the live data feed so that it will automatically update the data and give us indications based on our formula.

2) Can we use excel to pull the API?

3) We also have our website where we can consume the live data.

4) Can we get the Option OI data also?


    SRIJAN edited July 2022
    We don't provide one to one support on a call. You can ask your queries on this forum.

    1. You can sign up and make a KiteConnect app on the developer console.


    Here is the KiteConnect API documentation:


    2. We don't have official Excel library.
    You can contact @HowUTrade . They have a 3rd party Excel Client for KiteConnect.

    3. A third party website can't show our market data. You can get data from an exchange registered data vendor.
    Websocket data API provided on Kite Connect is provided only for personal use. Hence data can't be accessed on a website because of CORS.

    4. Yes,open interest data for derivatives is available.
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