Unable to get historical data.

adhuf edited February 2017 in Java client
I am trying to get 30mintue data of infosys for interval 8th to 9th Feb 2017. But I am getting error as session expired. tried same from DH Client (browser REST client) and got token exception.

GET Request:

Code : 403 Forbidden

"status": "error",
"error_type": "TokenException",
"message": "Invalid API credentials"

Whereas using same access token other APIs (like api.kite.trade/portfolio/holdings) are working.

I think we should be able to access data up to a year old without subscribing for historical API. is is correct?
  • sujith
    Hi @adhuf,
    Historical API access requires an add on subscription. Please go to developers console and go to app details page and subscribe for it.
  • adhuf
    After subscribing it is working. Thanks :)
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