How to get pending orders ?

Vishnuvardhan edited September 2022 in Python client
Dear Zerodha ,

May I know is there any direct function to get pending orders ? except the way to get all orders from kite.orders() and then filter ?
    SRIJAN edited September 2022
    No,you have to fetch orderbook and then filter by checking status of every order.

    If status is not one of COMPLETE, CANCELLED,or REJECTED,that means it is a pending order.
  • Vishnuvardhan
    Vishnuvardhan edited September 2022
    ok thanks @SRIJAN

    Also, one more question . How to get only open positions ?
  • sujith
    You need to fetch positions and check the quantity field. If it is negative then it is short position, if value is 0 then it is a squared off position, if quantity is positive then it is a long position.
  • sujith
    Use net positions list form the positions response.
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