Roadmap of future releases by zerodha

is it possible that you guys can publish the list of items that are going to be changed in your next release? depending on your API we are building many logics and one change from your side can screw up the entire logic from our side

recently i was working on subscribing 100 ticker, apparently i am getting just one tick every minute. so i am opening multiple sockets . i have also heard that you will restrict the number of sockets in the next release..! if you could let us know how many sockets are you going to allow in future in advance, we will not choke our logic at the last second

there are many logics that you guys are talking about in different topic, ex: post back. if i am expecting only few types of postback and if you send something else new , it is going to confuse my program's logic

keeping all these in mind, please share your release document.. i am sure your technology team has some kind of list of items that they are working on for the upcoming release..!

  • joy
    would second that.

    Also do you have some a'la "insider program" which we can participate. This will not only help us but also gives you a perspective of our exact needs.

    Call me lazy, I am loathe to develop an application structured on a soon tobe depreciated protocol.
  • sujith
    sujith edited February 2017
    I do understand your concern. We do make announcements for every major changes to API. Changes that we regularly make could never break your logic.

    We have plans of organizing something like this. It will happen in near future.
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