Is it possible to get the contract notes through api or orders including the price of expired ?

This is my use case:
I fetch the orders at the end of the day and store it in DB. The problem happens for expired contracts where OTM contract expire at 0 and ITM contracts expire at the value.
Do we have any API for that or any suggestion is also helpful.
  • rakeshr
    Didn't get you? Are you looking for a settlement price? You can fetch ltp from the quote APIs.
  • donisback
    The LTP for `NFO:NIFTY22O0617400CE` shows 0.05 though the settlement will happen at 0 as it's OTM. I guess the only option is to fetch the current price of NIFTY and arrive at the final price.
  • rakeshr
    Yes, or you have to fetch NSE F&O bhavcopy from the exchange and look for SETTLE_PR column.
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