pls unblock my API

my api is blocked

error - Uncaught NetworkException (429) 'Too many requests'

pls unblock it ASAP - i have made the changes to my code to send fewer requests - it won't happen again

pls unblock before start of trading day
  • rakeshr
    Your kiteconnect app is active. Can you explain in detail, what do you mean by my api is blocked?
    If continuous 429, means you need to add more delay and have all requests within the reach of the API rate limit.
  • trailblazer
    i cannot even log in to the api - getting 429 - which started suddenly at 7pm yesterday - made no changes to the code - in fact optimized the code this morning to remove redundant api calls as well - still unable to log in to the API
  • trailblazer
    support on the phone said its a cloudflare issue but i'm still getting the error
  • rakeshr
    i cannot even log in to the api
    Can you DM me your IP address? We will check on this.
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