Not able to place BANKNIFTY Option trade order

I am using the .NET Kite SDK. I am trying to place order for the following symbol: BANKNIFTY22O2039900PE.
The call fails with the following error message:

" KiteConnect.InputException: The instrument you are placing an order for has either expired or does not exist."

Following is the code for placing the order:

Exchange: Constants.EXCHANGE_NSE,
TradingSymbol: "BANKNIFTY22O2039900PE",
TransactionType: Constants.TRANSACTION_TYPE_BUY,
Quantity: 1,
OrderType: Constants.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET,
Product: Constants.PRODUCT_MIS

I further confirmed by getting the list of all Instrument ID/Trading symbol by making the call using - kite.GetInstruments(). The response had the BANKNIFTY22O2039900PE symbol.

Can you let me know what's going on here, and what do I need to place a BANKNIFTY option trade ?
  • sujith
    You seems to be passing wrong exchange value, you need to pass exchange value as NFO.
    You can fetch that also from the instruments master.
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