Exception for my order that got delayed.

Would like to know what is the exact exception that I got for this order that got delayed(#221020202661821). Stuck in "PUT ORDER RECEIVED REQ" for 1.5 mins. From 14:36:43 to 14:38:06. Due to this my code repeatedly placed the order exhausting the funds. Ideally we do not expect an exception if the order is placed. If I can get the exact exception I will handle it in my code.
  • sujith
    You can refer to the exceptions thrown by Kite Connect API.
  • santhanakrishnan25
    santhanakrishnan25 edited October 2022
    @sujith I need the exact exception that I received at the mentioned time. Not the general definition of what exception are. I got the exception and also the order got placed instead of returning the "order_id". Because of this placed multiple order. If I know the exact exception I will handle that in my code.
  • sujith
    If you get any non 400 status for order placement. You need to check orderbook and then retry placing order.
    You may get gateway time out or network exception. There are many hops internally within Kite Trade and OMS. It is not possible to know which exception you would have got while placing an order.
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