Websocket feed - Info required.

My understanding is Tick data means - Every trade tick. Now, on few other broker websockets, I have seen, tick data means - (0.05 change). So, they give the data only if there is a price change of 0.05 (nse cm/fno). If there is no change in price, then they do not give the data even for 10s of secs. I want to know the behavior of the data feed on zerodha.
PNB - is heavily traded. That means at any particular price point, volume will be so high that price may not move at all but trades happen and volume changes.
Now, for PNB I have seen no data coming for 10s of seconds on few other well known brokers. It appears they are doing some optimization to the NSE feed to reduce the load.

My question is does the zerodha websocket behave the same way ?
  • sujith
    Kite Ticker publishes data only when there is a change in data that a user has subscribed to.
    You can know more about it here on FAQs.
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