Canceling a Iceberg order

If I cancel the Iceberg order will it cancel all the legs?
  • rakeshr
    Yes. If any leg of an Iceberg is canceled, all the remaining pending legs that are yet to be placed will be automatically canceled.
  • psai1990
    psai1990 edited April 2023

    As far as I understand, once the first leg (parent order) of an iceberg order is executed, its state is changed to COMPLETE, and immediately the second leg's order will placed into the market. The second leg's orderId will be available in the orderbook only after the first leg's order reaches COMPLETE status, and so on.
    Am I correct?

    You said:

    If any leg of an Iceberg is canceled
    Do you mean that I can still use the parent orderId to cancel or modify the remaining pending legs, even when the parent order's status is COMPLETE?
    If not, is there any recommended way to get the orderId of the currently open pending leg?

    Please clarify.
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