New Order ID or Same order ID after modification

Hi, I have a trailing mechanism in my algo. Currently, I am polling the prices in the algo and then deciding the course of action. However, I would like to keep a SL in the system (with the broker Zerodha). So initially I will be adding the SL order and then want to modify the SL order as per my trailing logic. My question is: If my SL order number is say 12345 and if I modify SL from say 100 to 80, will the order number remain the same or changes to a new order number. (In other words is modification treated as a new order). I am asking this as with the trailing, I would like to keep changing the SL to lower number as my position goes into profit. Thanks.
  • Imran
    Hi @dcoolsam
    SL trailing/ modifying the SL order will not be treated as a new order. And your order ID will remain the same
  • sujith
    One can modify an order up to 25 times. Once you hit that you will have to cancel the order and place it again.
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