What is the response structure of data we get on Postback endpoint from Kite for each trades.

I want to know the response structure of Postback data for large quantity orders when they get executed in multiple trades. So I want to what is the status flow from OPEN to COMPLETE when one order executed in multiple trades and also please let me know how filled quantity, unfilled_quantity, pending quantity, cancelled quantity and just quantity works for in this scenario. As im begineer in trading domain and also in Kite Connect documentation examples are not given for this scenario so Im not able understand it completely.

  • sujith
    The postback status for an order that is filled partially or a status change from TRIGGER_PENDING to OPEN will have the status as UPDATE. These asynchronous events are pushed by OMS, there are some scenarios wherein OMS sends multiple postbacks for one event. Since there are edge cases, we recommend users to use postback as an event to pull orderbook and check the latest status and filled or pending quantity.
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