PostBackURL can only be 80 or 443

Hi there,

I have a site URI which is reachable and through which I get response also when I do curl based post. It is however using self-signed certificate.

When I try to save the textbox, it says that I need to use 80 or 443 as the port number. If this is the only requirement other than the fact that the postback needs to be "HTTPS", then my scenario is already valid.

What else could be going wrong and what are the other requirements which probably are not listed.

  • sujith
    Can you private message your api_key and elaborate?
    I didn't get this part
    I try to save the textbox
  • quicksilverm
    I was referring to the textbox which shows up on the dasboard of the 'profile' where one has to put the redirect URL as well as the postBack URL.

    I was trying to save the portback URL of a webserver which is local to my PC but otherwise accessible from the internet ( cloud ) .

    Not sure on what basis it is showing in red font that the port has to be either 80 or 443. I am trying to use the 443 port only. The only issue here which I see is that it use self-signed SSL certificate.
  • botany02

    Kite will try connect to your post-back url in port 443,before saving your app details.
    This is to make sure that your post-back url is valid and use https.
    So,Your webserver should listen on port no 443.
    Are you sure you added necessary bindings in your website...?
  • quicksilverm
    yes....i am my private message to Sujith, I have mentioned my private URL as well....
  • sujith
    When you enter postback url in developer console, it checks for validity. Since you have self signed certificate, it is not accepted. Please get a certificate from trusted authority.
  • lakshmiraja
    hi ,
    what is postback url , I am getting this message
    The postback url could not be reached. Please make sure the port is 80 or 443 zerodha .

    Please anyone help me .
  • sujith
    You can check out documentation here.
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