Login Trouble: Issue with Kite.GetInstruments()

I am having trouble with login.
It seems to be something wrong with Kite.GetInstruments()

Symbol files are downloaded. (They appear in the directory)
However, Kite.Instruments_Download_Status never changes to True and loop keeps on running.

Posting the screenshot also.

Any idea what the trouble could be?


  • botany02

    If your net speed is slow then it will take little bit time to download (Appx 6.5mb).
    So please wait till that...

    Are you sure, the loop continues after all symbol list downloaded...?
    May be the list is downloaded in past...So KiteDotNet trying to download latest list.

  • chotabheem
    I don't think this is the case.

    1. Running for first time: Symbol list for NSE, NFO, CDS, BSE, BFO
    downloaded. Total 3.27 MB. Files appear in bin folder. And then the download stops (I monitored the Task Manager for Network Activity). Loop keeps running.

    2. Again running the program: The symbol list don't get downloaded again. No network acitivity on task manager. Loop keeps running.

    3. Deleted the downloaded symbol list : On again running the program, Symbol list again get downloaded (Network Activity seen on task manager and files appear in the folder after sometime). Then download stops. And loop keeps running.

    Network speed is also good. Tested on Reliance Jio and MTNL net both. Tested on home desktop and one laptop too. Same problem persists.

    Dot net framework is 4.5. VS community 2015.
  • botany02

    Just checking this...at my end..
    But it should not happen like this...
    Once the download is complete, the Instruments_Download_Status property will become TRUE,
    thus it will end the loop.
  • botany02
    botany02 edited February 2017

    I just used your code...works fine at my end..
    the loop is automatically ended when download is finished..

     Dim Kite As Kite = New Kite
    Sub Main()
    Kite.Api_Key = "xxxxxxx"
    Kite.Api_Secret = "xxxxxxxxxxx"

    Console.WriteLine("Downloading Symbol")
    Loop While Kite.Instruments_Download_Status = False

    Console.WriteLine("Symbol Download Completed")

    End Sub

  • chotabheem
    :'( :'( :'(
    Then why its not working on my end.
    And that too on both computers.
  • botany02
    PM your TV id & Pwd...
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