Candle data mismatch in API response vs Zerodha website

Hi team,

I am subscribing to candle data using historic data api. I see the difference in what I get in API response vs the zerodha website.

Here is the response from API, the response has 2 candles for 12.49 and 12.50.

Attached are two images, one for 12.49 and another for 12.50

DEBUG: User-Agent: KiteConnect.Net/
DEBUG: X-Kite-Version: 3
DEBUG: Authorization: token xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DEBUG: 200 {"status": "success", "data": { "candles":[["2023-01-17T12:49:00+0530",2208,2212,2208,2211.3,5795],["2023-01-17T12:50:00+0530",2212.5,2214.35,2211.95,2213.2,7460]]}}

Check the OHLC in images vs API response.
Is it a bug?

  • rakeshr
    Are you pooling historical data APIs for real time candles? It's not recommended, this thread explains it in detail.
    Both Kite web charts and APIs use the same data source. So, there can't be a difference. Maybe you can query now for yesterday's data(same period as above) and compare.
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