Introducing new feature of auction orders and charges calculation

rakeshr edited January 24 in General
We have introduced below new changes in the kiteconnect APIs(including all our official language libraries):
  • Holdings auction list: Added in portfolio APIs. It retrieves the list of auction trading instruments. Detailed documentation.
  • Auction order placement: Added in order placement APIs. This includes the addition of auction variety and auction_number identifier in the order placement parameters. Detailed documentation.
  • Order charges: Added in order margin APIs. This includes the addition of showing the breakdown of various charges that will be applied to an order in the order margin response. Detailed documentation.
  • Leverage: Added in order margin APIs. This includes the addition of showing margin leverage allowed for the trade. Detailed documentation.
Below is the released version of our official libraries, which includes the above addition:
Library Version Comment
dotnetkiteconnect v4.1.1 The user needs to upgrade .NET target framework to net6.0, as the previous target netstandard2.0 has reached end-of-life as of Dec 2022.
GoKiteconnect v4.1.0
PyKiteconnect v4.2.0
Kiteconnectjs v4.1.0
phpkiteconnect v4.1.0
javakiteconnect v3.3.2
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