Choosing between Kite Publisher vs API

I'm trying to build a SaaS wrapper layer on top the Kite platform. Have a couple of basic questions that I didnt see answered already:

1) When I try to create an "App" I see two options - a) API access ; b) No API access but Kite Publisher with JS. Since we are building a SaaS layer on top, we will need API access but we can also embed the JS widgets. We would like to use both - the Publisher JS as well as the API. Is that okay? The docs and the UI make it seem like it's mutually exclusive.

2) Building on the Kite API requires the "App" creation, but also allows me to create multiple apps. Wanted to understand how to think about the notion of an "App" in the context of building an embed SaaS layer. Is the expectation/guidance from Kite Platform that for SaaS use cases, you use a separate access_key for different customers?

3) Also, the Zerodha Client ID need for the App creation - how do I look that up?
  • sujith
    We suggest talking to the compliance team before building an app that is intended to cater to mass.

    A Kite Connect app is provided for a single user by default. One can create a Kite Connect app on developers console. Once you create an app you will be issued an api_key and api_secret. These keys are used to create a session and access the API features.

    You need to write to compliance team (kiteconnect(at) with product description if you want multi-user access.

    Kite Connect API can be used to do everything like fetch portfolio, check orderbook, margins etc except order placement for a multi-user Kite Connect app. For placing order, you need to use Kite Publisher.

    Each Kite Connect app created will cost you 2000 credits and it is valid for a month. You can know more about the login flow on the documentation. You can know more on FAQs.

    A Zerodha client id is mandatory for creating a Kite Connect app. You can open an account here.
  • aravind_r
    Thanks for the context Sujith.
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