How to place an FnO regula order with stoploss and target

Hi Team,
From the attached screenshot, I can place a regular FnO order on nifty option strike with target and stop loss in the web as shown below

As the documentation is a bit confusing. I just want to know, how to place the exact same order from API... (I just need steps, so that I can code it)
  • sujith
    It is an exclusive feature for Kite web and app.
    You will have to listen to order updates and place GTT order as mentioned here.
  • kiranbvsn
    @sujith , so as per my understanding, we cannot place that through API?, GTT-OCO - 2 legs is getting canceled, (mentioning insufficient funds on the sell side).. seems like it's not possible from API.
  • sujith
    Margin check for GTT happens when it executes or gets triggered and places order. Not while placing the GTT.
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