Validity TTL - Order Placement Issue

aroranakul edited February 2023 in Python client
Trying to send order with 2 minute validity. Below is the code snippet :
self.last_order_id = kitef.place_order(self.kite, {
'exchange': self.hedge_instr['exchange'],
'symbol': order_symbol,
'product_code': self.kite.PRODUCT_NRML,
'trans_type': order_dir,
'order_type': self.kite.ORDER_TYPE_LIMIT,
'quantity': order_quantity,
'limit_price': order_price,
'validity': "TTL",
'validity_ttl': 2,
'trigger_price': None,
'disclosed_qty': None,
The order still goes as a normal order.

Using latest Kiteconnect version 4.2.0

Can anyone suggest what could possibly be wrong ?
  • sujith
    Can you run it with debug logs on and paste the complete request and response here?
    Include the fetch orders response also.
    PS: Make sure to remove app and client specific tokens.
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