Get brokerage/charges of orders placed.

I want to get all the charges breakup for an order placed.
Is there any function/api for the same?
  • Sree
    You can check kite connect documentation for getting margins and charges
  • anishchauhan1
    Hi @Sree ,
    I went through this API, but my requirement is something like a file or API at the end of the day which provides us all the order ids (of placed orders from an account) and all kinds of brokerage charges for each.
    Or an API in which we pass the order id and get all the brokerage charges.
  • sujith
    sujith edited March 2023
    We don't have an API like that. It is not possible to give the exact number until the trade process is done. Since there are a lot of variables and factors involved.
  • anishchauhan1
    Thanks, @sujith for the response,
    Can we have this information on T+1 day, like brokerage details of the orders we placed yesterday?

    Is there an API for the same?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect only has trading APIs, backoffice APIs aren't part of the Kite Connect.
    You will have to save the charges from margins API only and then use it.
  • anishchauhan1
    Ok, Thanks @sujith for quick response
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