Do you have ISIN security of master data

Do you have ISIN security of master data , where i can find that
  • pranksterguru
    even i had same problem... the only way is that you download nse bhav copy and compare it with master data and get isin from nsebhav
  • sujith
    You can download Bhavcopy from here and get ISIN.
  • pranksterguru
    is it not possible to send the ISIN as part of the mastercopy? i am getting in to alot of problem by comparing bhav and your security name..!
  • pranksterguru
    guys, i donno why you cant send ISIN as part of the mastercopy.. but it will save alot of issues from our side

    do you think it is possible?
  • sujith
    Hi @pranksterguru,
    We will add one more column in instruments file for ISIN in future.
  • lexiluna72
    Expanding the instruments file to include an ISIN column is a strategic move. This enhancement will not only enrich data but also align with industry standards, facilitating streamlined processes and compliance in the ever-evolving financial landscape.
  • sbalaji987
    @sujith is it still planned to add ISIN column to the instruments file? What's the timeline for it?
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