Why is the low of a 1-minute candle lower than the low of a daily candle?

KamalChhirang edited March 2023 in General
I found this in thousands of rows, but let me pick one example:

Reliance - 2020-05-12

The low price of the daily candle is 1465.0.

The low price of the 1-minute candle is "1451.25" (at 15:18).

This is the URL I used to fetch the data:


Am I doing something wrong, or is the data incorrect?"
  • rakeshr
    This thread explains your query.
  • KamalChhirang
    KamalChhirang edited March 2023
    I understand this @rakeshr

    I understand not all ticks can be captured in live data.

    But here, wrong ticks are captured.

    One day candle is 100% correct, right? Since it is provided by exchange based on all ticks.

    So, how can the tick you capture (1 minute candle) have lower price than day's low?
  • KamalChhirang
    Hello @rakeshr , could you please confirm if you have understood the point I am trying to convey? Kindly let me know if I have made any errors in my calculations. Thank you.
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