Layer for Lambda

Hello All,

Has anyone created a lambda layer for running python code in AWS lambda. Let me know I would like to reuse one if possible

  • Vignesh_moorthy
    You can use the same method ( like creating the kiteconnect layer in virtual env) and export the zip package as Layer. If you are facing cryptography error, follow the link below to install cryptography package, then install kiteconnect package. It should work
  • sachin_jain3
    I tried doing a layer but it didnt work for me. still getting the same error that the kiteconnect package cannot be imported. Can anyone check my package and comment if there is aything missing on this one. The zip file is copied here :
  • sachin_jain3
    Since this problem is not resolved, I have decided to discontinue with kiteconnect service, if anyone from Zerodha support is here please contact me to help me resolve this problem, if this problem is not resolved kiteconnect is not useful for me. Kiteconnect support needs to resolve these issues why else do we pay subscription?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. We don't provide support or solution to write strategies.
    Please note that we don't provide one to one support for Kite Connect.
    This is a community driven platform wherein we try and help out fellow developers to sort out any issue with Kite Connect and not integration or migration.
  • sachin_jain3
    This is not helpful at all. If zerodha is not providing support for kiteconnect why is kiteconnect a chargable service. I would like zerodha to refund the 4000 Rs spent for the kiteconnect service till now.
  • ashwin_tay
    Kite Connect is a community driven platform that focuses only on execution. If you are having issues with only a specific problem, it might be worth to check why its failing and find people who has done it previously. Throwing a tantrum is a solution. From my experience python has a lot of version and dependency issues. You might want to spend time on fixing them and come back if you have Kite specific issues
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