Where is the detailed explanation about different Exception and its code generated by KiteExceptions

I have tried searching the https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/exceptions/
But it is only an overview. Where to learn about individual available codes for each exceptions?
  • sujith
    This the core classification. Only the error message will be different and it comes from various systems. There could be thousands of them. I don't think it is possible to list those in one place.
  • Harry
    Hi Sujith. I understand there are thousands of errors.
    I would like to understand what are all the errors that will be thrown by Zerodha API.

    I see only 10 error codes on the exceptions page. You have classified 7 exception types, do those types have sub-error codes?
  • sujith
    No, there are no sub code. Everything will throw standard HTTP status code.
  • Harry
    How do we understand the errors? If the error numbers are generic for ex: 400 Missing or bad request parameters or values. How to know which parameter is bad or missing?
  • sujith
    All the systems have been generally directed to provide more descriptive error message.
    The error message will say Invalid price or trigger price or price below/above circuit limit etc.
  • Harry
    Do you mean we have to read a string and understand the error types?
    How do we know if this string will not change in the future?

    Can you advise any other efficient methods?
  • sujith
    sujith edited March 2023
    We don't have a machine readable codes for error messages. Currently only exchange error messages will have the error code. There are multiple vendor machines, multiple standalone apps that comprise Kite Trade, exchange connectors, Clouldflare errors, aws errors, DB error, Kafka errors, Redis errors etc. It is a complex cloud and physical setup. I am afraid we can't provide list of all the error messages.
  • Harry
    Great, I think we should not worry about other errors. I am interested only in exchange errors. Because how will I know if an order placed failed due to so and so reason and make the next decision?

    Please guide me on this.
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