Login Problems while Automating

Hi there, I understand that you don't want automating login as per government norms. But since it's possible to do so even when being compliant can can we achieved and can you keep the following html fields "id" attribute always constant for same the purpose.

1. Submit/Login button on User-Id and Password Form does not have an "id" attribute.
2. External TOPT field does not have an "id" attribute in TOPT form.
3. Continue button does not have an "id" attribute in TOPT form.

If you fix all the input fields and required button "id" attributes, then at-least automation failure codes would not have breaking changes, even if you change the design and html dom later.

Any thoughts from the community who might be facing these breaking changes as I have come across different xpaths for this dom elements on the internet code.

Dated : 29th March 2023

Neeraj Goyal
  • sujith
    It is mandatory by the exchange that a user has to login manually at least once a day. We don't recommend automating login.
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