how to get trade history breakdown of an individual holding

Hi, I was to get a list of all the historical trades and want to filter them for a particular instrument to achieve all the historical trade information about that particular instrument. I couldn't find any relevant endpoint to serve the purpose. The "/orders/" endpoint only seems to provide information of open/executed orders of the day.

What I want to achieve is shown in the below-attached screenshot from the console->portfolio->holdings->breakdown path.

  • rakeshr
    the console->portfolio->holdings->breakdown
    Currently, we don't provide historical order detail. We will check on this possibility.
  • Ronit
    @rakeshr thanks, I'm trying to build a product that requires this feature. Is there a way I can discuss my idea and get approval to access this feature?
  • rakeshr
    Can you DM me a brief description documentation/flow for your product?
  • Ronit
    Sure, @rakeshr DM'ed you
  • Ronit
    Hey @rakeshr awaiting your reply for DM
  • Ronit
    @Matti awaiting your response in DM thread, ty
  • hari_trader
    hari_trader edited February 25
    Actually does this feature is added??
    i also really need to get this historical past data on stocks breakdown sections with all transactions done!!!..

    @Matti @rakeshr
  • sbalaji987
    I think while we wait for the Kite team to work on this, you could do a one time manual download, and moving forward just store the order data locally as and when you place orders
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