HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=7)


Please tell me what is causing this error? There is one or the other error causing chaos day by day
  • tonystark
    Read timeout means your application couldn't read the response data from the server on time. This can happen due to variety of reasons:

    - May be your internet connection is not stable. Try a different ISP, wired LAN connection, Google DNS or Cloudflare WARP VPN and see if that helps.
    - May be your firewall/antivirus is interfering. Try excluding you application or turn off firewall/antivirus temporarily.
    - May be you are making way too many API calls. Checkout the rate limits in the documentation. If your application goes beyond these limits our firewall might tag your application as abusive and restrict access. Evaluate the logic and optimize the API calls. If the same API is called again in a short period of time try caching the data in memory or in a database.
  • srinidhihebbar
    I am within the rate limits, The error sometimes occur in my AWS alog's as well, I have blocked all the applications out of firewall , it is either this error or error mentioned in this thread., which occurs randomly .
  • tonystark
    Another option is to tweak the connection pool settings like this.

    Documentation regarding the pooling can be found here.
  • KartikShah
    DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTPS ... error while connection Pl. help
  • rakeshr
    I have deleted your above post because it contained API-related secret credentials. Avoid posting such information on a public forum, as it may compromise your account's security.
    This is a debug log showing a 200 response status, indicating that the request was successful. You can go through the Python examples to know more.
  • KartikShah
    Sir any desk help possible for login through python api with kite. i am unable to connect pls help
  • tahseen
    @KartikShah can you create a new thread and share your code's github link to see what is the issue
  • srinidhihebbar
    @KartikShah I can provide the code for automated login , but the people from zerodha will delete it for sure as it is mandatory by the exchange to manually login at least once a day
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