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venkatlokesh edited May 2023 in General
I added the amount of Rs.4000 on the 29th April 2023 and try to add app but it didn't work but the amount got debited and haven't refund up to now
  • sujith
    You have created a Kite Connect app on your developer account and it is active till 1st of June and you seem to have subscribed for historical data.
    Can you elaborate what didn't work?
  • venkatlokesh
    on 29th April 2023 itself i tried for the creation of app by adding amount directly using rozarpay but it didnt work so again added money on 1st may and completed the work.
    But the which i have added on 29th april is not reflecting anywhere.

    Please find the attached screenshot and make the refund back.
  • sujith
    sujith edited May 2023
    You buy credits on developers console, spend 2k for creating a Kite Connect app and you spend 2k for subscribing to historical data.
    You have an active app and subscribed to historical data. Basically, you have spent 4k and your subscription will end on 1st of June.
  • venkatlokesh
    @sujith i know what i have subscribed.
    But i have added 4000 two times.
    1) i added the 4000 on 29th april 2023 with rozarpay which is not reflecting anywhere.
    2) i added the 4000 on 1st may 2023 with zerodha balance which i have used for creating of app and subscription.

    please check the screen shot and understand what happened and make the refund of 4000 which i have done on 29th april 2023.
    sc.png 50.5K
  • sujith
    Ah if you are referring to one of the payments that is missed then you can speak to the business team on kiteconnect(at) They will help you out. Don't worry, you won't lose money.
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