Need F&O P/L of those who are in big net loss - only F&O please

Am interested in doing an analytics to assess some information using the P/L statement of a person, who is in big loss.

Note share F&O PnL, please don't share TradeBook

I need 1-2 year F&O PnL, which has lot of trades

It can be manual trade or programmatic, it does not matter. But there should be lot of trades.

I am not interested in knowing your name or account id

You can delete everything above the place from where this column header starts.
Symbol Qty. Buy avg. Buy value Sell avg. Sell value Realised P&L Unrealised P&L

You can email the same to on [email protected]

Please note I do not give any financial advise
  • zhkas
    you can find a lot of many verified Pnl on twitter, that has all trade details
  • tahseen
    @zhkas you mean the way I have mentioned ? Can you share one link ?
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