Cannot see capcha while login, please help

My problem is that I am blind person, and I cannot use the web apps etc provided by zerodha or most other brokers.
Fortunately, you guys were good enough to provide an API.
Using the API, I got my own simple trading platform coded, which works perfectly with my screen reading software (JAWS)
JAWS is the most popular screen reading software, used by various companies, and NGOs for blind.

Since today morning, zerodha began showing me a "image capcha" during login.
Obviously, me being blind, I "cannot see" the number in that image.
Screen reading software won't read images. It reads only text.

How do I get past this "image capcha"?
Is there an "audio capcha" with zerodha?

Today morning, I even accidentally got my account locked because of capcha. I kept trying to login again and again, and zerodha locked the account.
Resetting the account was another mess. I had to call my father to come to my place to read the capcha during resetting password process.
Then the TOTP key was not working. It took us a whole hour to get things working again.
Subah subah daat pad gayi, "kya kya karte rahate ho tum..."

Kindly help in this matter. Deeply appreciated.
Also, a small request. When you guys develop things, please consider that some handicap people might also be using your services.

  • rakeshr
    Hi @JeetKumar
    We have not added any image captcha on the login flow. The image captcha only occurs if you enter the wrong userID or password more than 4 times. In such cases, you will need to enter the correct userID, password, and captcha for a successful login. Please note that multiple failed attempts on the captcha page will result in your account being blocked further. This login flow has been in place since the beginning, as per the compliance requirement from the regulating authority. Let me know if you have any other doubts.
  • JeetKumar
    Hi @rakeshr Thanks for replying. I do agree, I started getting the capcha after 3-4 attempts.
    However, once the password was successfully reset, and TOTP 2FA also reset, still I got the capcha on a fresh login when I tried to login.

    Also, please ask that regulating authority to make some guidelines for such cases also where users are handicaps or blind etc. All I am saying is, please consider an audio capcha for handicaps like me. Most websites that use image capcha, they also provide an audio capcha option for blind handicaps. Thanks.
  • rakeshr
    However, once the password was successfully reset, and TOTP 2FA also reset, still I got the capcha on a fresh login when I tried to login.
    Yes, the captcha will come till you have made successful login once with the correct userID, password, and 2FA. Once you have made successful login, it won't come again.

    Yeah, we are planning on adding an audio fallback option on the captcha. Will update here.
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