Data mismatch on 18 jul 2023

I am surprised to know that Zerodha does not provide accurate data.
pls chk data of 18-July-2023 ,
5 min timeframe high is 45902.70 and low is 45282.95
Day candle high is 45905.85 and low is 45281.30

Trading view data is matching where as Zerodha data does not match

  • sujith
    You may refer to this thread.
  • maheshk3176
    I am asking your own Day chart and 5 minutes about , why difference?
  • sujith
    The 5minute candle data is created using the same minute candles. Can you elaborate on which instrument you are talking about and for what time frame you are referring to?
  • sujith
    PS: Please give complete information before writing on forum. How can you expect someone to take a look at something without complete information. We are not support agents here. We are all devs like you who spend time here to help fellow community members.
  • maheshk3176
    Hi Sujith, I am very sorry, I thought your from Zerodha support team. Thanks for the reply, Instrument is Banknifty.
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