Midcpnifty options data not received after a while

sillyatom edited August 2023 in .Net API client
Today (02/08/2023) after 1 PM none of the Midcpnifty options scrip for current day expiry got updated. Basically, no ticks were received just for Midcpnifty options(today's expiry) after 1PM, may I know what happened?
  • rakeshr
    We just checked a couple of ITM midcpnifty contracts(MIDCPNIFTY238028900CE), and ticks were coming fine for those till 2023-08-0215:29:59.
    Can you paste here the debug log for those?
  • sillyatom
    I didn’t see any errors but there wasn’t any update from socket. Will update the details in a week time as I’m not having access to my machine.
  • sillyatom
    It was an issue from my end apologize for the confusion.
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