Kite historical candle data is throwing Insufficient permission even if i have paid 2000.

chaku84 edited August 2023 in Python client
API Key: 2srddhuyen9fbsf
Check screenshot for more detail.
It's total waste of money.
A simple api itself doesn't work.
Not sure about orders api.
I've used dhan's api as well works good.
There are no issues with dhan.
I was hoping for better and fast experience with zerodha.
DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool: "GET /instruments/historical/256265/minute?from=2023-08-01+02%3A30%3A00&to=2023-08-01+15%3A30%3A00&interval=minute&continuous=0&oi=0 HTTP/1.1" 403 None Insufficient permission for that call.

  • sujith
    You need to generate a new access token for fetching historical data.

    PS: Please don't paste app and client specific tokens on public threads. You can private message if you need to include app and client specific information.
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