Sync time with exchange/broker

One of my algo has to place order as soon as market opens (ideally sharp at 9:15:00), the sooner the better. I am using ubuntu. How can i synchronize my time to that of NSE/broker whatever works ? Right now my system time is ~200-600ms ahead of exchange.
  • ksh
    Hi @Kailash , this one can be more technical . Can u plz share ur thoughts ?
  • sujith
    You can make head request to the Kite Connect host and check the time. Please note that Kite Connect is not suitable for HFT or latency based trading.
  • ksh
    Ok. u mean somthing like this ?

    def synchronize_system_time(host=''):
    response = requests.head(host)
    server_time_str = response.headers['Date']

    If yes , then next question is that how can i sync my system time to this ? Due to RTT and jitter ?
    PS: not for HFT, just need one order shart at market open.
  • ksh
    Hi @sujith, can u plz comment
  • ksh
    Hi @Kailash can u add something to this ? I just need to place one order as soon as market opens. There is no followup 'HIgh Freq' orders
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