Order Status thru WebSocket

I cannot find the discussion where Kailash was telling order status update thru WebSocket that something you guys are working on , is there any update on that ?, rather than postback_url or frequent query with Order ID, is there any chance you guys can provide order status thru websocket in near future ?
  • sujith
    Hi @Shabeershah2002,
    This is on our list, we will implement this in future. Our priority as of now is to revamp the whole of Kite core APIs.
  • harjee
    Hi @sujith , is the above requested feature (ie order status through websocket) coming in near future??
  • sujith
    Hi @harjee,
    It will be provided in next version of websockets which will be in future.
    We can't provide it with the current setup.
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