Getting Error for my api Kiteconnect.exceptions.Networkexception too many request

I have created a api where i m reading INDEX value and based on that i am reading ATM values for the same from NFO_instruments.csv that i have allready created.
In that API i am subscrbing the tokens into websocket for the live tick data. and i have created a sperate api where i am reading the live tick data of the tokens that i needed.
It is running sommothly but then after some time it is giving error kiteconnect.exceptions.NetworkException : Too many request
but my API for the live tick data calling for every two seconds with only one request.
Following is my code for the same

def on_ticks(ws, ticks):
for tick in ticks:

# function to subscribe the instruments. Instrument list is based on the selection made by the user

def on_connect(ws, repsonse):
ws.set_mode(ws.MODE_FULL, subscribetokens)

# Function to check error msg

def on_error(ws, code, reason):
"Connection error: {code} - {reason}".format(code=code, reason=reason))
# function to check recconect msg

def on_reconnect(ws, attempts_count):"Reconnecting: {}".format(attempts_count))

# Function to read the atm values based on user input
def ATMValue():
kite = connect()
userInput = json.loads(request.args.get('payload'))
instrument = userInput['instrument']
expiryDate = userInput['expiryDate']
atm_count = userInput['atmValue']

dateValue = expiryDate
date_object = datetime.strptime(dateValue, "%d-%m-%Y").date()

# Define instrument-specific settings
if instrument == KiteSettings.NIFTY_TEXT:
index_value = KiteSettings.NIFTY_INDEX_VALUE
strike_price_interval = KiteSettings.instrument_increment_nifty
elif instrument == KiteSettings.BANKNIFTY_TEXT:
index_value = KiteSettings.BANKNIFTY_INDEX_VALUE
strike_price_interval = KiteSettings.instrument_increment_bank
elif instrument == KiteSettings.FINNIFTY_TEXT:
index_value = KiteSettings.FINNIFTY_INDEX_VALUE
strike_price_interval = KiteSettings.instrument_increment_fin
elif instrument == KiteSettings.MIDCAP_TEXT:
index_value = KiteSettings.MIDCAP_INDEX_VALUE
strike_price_interval = KiteSettings.instrument_increment_midcap
elif instrument == KiteSettings.SENSEX_TEXT:
index_value = KiteSettings.SENSEX_INDEX_VALUE
strike_price_interval = KiteSettings.instrument_increment_sensex

raise ValueError("Invalid instrument type")

# Get the current strike price
nifty_instruments = kite.quote(index_value)
current_strike_price = nifty_instruments[index_value]["last_price"]

# Get the ATM strike price
atm_strike_price = round(current_strike_price / 100) * 100

# Fetch instrument dump for the specified expiry date and instrument type
instrument_dump = []
instrument_df = []

instrument_dump = kite.instruments("NFO")
if instrument == KiteSettings.SENSEX_TEXT:
instrument_dump = kite.instruments("BFO")
instrument_df = pd.DataFrame(instrument_dump)
instrument_df.to_csv("ALL_Instruments.csv", index=False)

instrument_df = pd.DataFrame(instrument_dump)
filtered_df = instrument_df[(pd.to_datetime(instrument_df['expiry']) == date_object) &

# Fetch ATM values above and below current Nifty index
atm_values = []
for i in range(atm_count, 0, -1):
strike_price_above = round(
atm_strike_price + (i * strike_price_interval))
strike_price_below = round(
atm_strike_price - (i * strike_price_interval))
# Sort the atm_values array in descending order
# Filter instruments based on strike price and instrument type
ce_instruments = []
pe_instruments = []

for quote in atm_values:
ce_instrument = filtered_df[(filtered_df['strike'] == quote) &
(filtered_df['instrument_type'] == 'CE')]
pe_instrument = filtered_df[(filtered_df['strike'] == quote) &
(filtered_df['instrument_type'] == 'PE')]

if not ce_instrument.empty:
if not pe_instrument.empty:

# check for the subscribed token with allready subscribed tokens
for token in isntrument_token:
if token not in subscribetokens:
# print("sub token",subscribetokens)
kws = KiteTicker(KiteSettings.api_key,
KiteSettings.access_token, reconnect=True)
kws.on_ticks = on_ticks
kws.on_connect = on_connect
kws.on_error = on_error
kws.on_reconnect = on_reconnect
print("error in in socket connection")
# print(atm_values.sort(reverse = True))
# Create a dictionary to hold the CE and PE instruments
result = {
'atm_values': atm_values,
'ce_instruments': ce_instruments,
'pe_instruments': pe_instruments
# Convert the dictionary to a JSON object
json_result = json.dumps(result, default=str)
return json_result

  • rakeshr
    kiteconnect.exceptions.NetworkException : Too many request
    You need to enable the debug log and check, if any unknown request is made too.
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