python code to calculate margin for a specific list of positions (naked, hedged, straddles, etc...)

Can some one please share a python function to calculate margin consumption for set of positions in python? assuming each position looks like this

{'tradingSymbol': 'NIFTY23SEP19500PE',
'quantity': -1800,
'entryPrice': 23.6,
'entryTime': datetime.datetime(2023, 9, 14, 15, 13, 5),
'how': 'SELL',
'symbol': 'NIFTY',
'exchange': 'NFO',
'product': 'NORMAL',
'cash': 'NSE:NIFTY 50',
'cmp': 20163.2,
'ltp': 13.25}

not restricting to the parameters above, is there any formula or python function to calculate margin?
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