Credits not reflecting in KITE Connect developer account

Hi there,

I renewed my app on Oct 1, added 2000 credit. Got a confirmation email from Zerodha. Then went to the app, and clicked on Extend, then typed "I UNDERSTAND" - and got yet another confirmation email from Zerodha of deduction of 2000 from available funds towards renewal of the app. This morning, my app has expired and I am not able to deploy my algorithm. Re-checked with my credit card statement, this 2000 has been credited to Rainmatter.. and no refund has been initiated. When I checked Zerodha Transactional summary, it does not reflect this transaction of mine.

Kindly advice on the following:
- How to fix this credit discrepancy
- how can I launch my application/algo before 9 AM today

  • joppu
    Same issue here. Paid on Oct 2. No refund yet.
    Had to pay again just to get it working today...
    Please advise.
  • rakeshr
    @YateshKandoi @joppu
    Apologies for the issue. We are checking on this. You can write with the app details to the team on kiteconnect(at)
  • YateshKandoi
    I just got an email regarding Refund initiated from Rainmatter for Rs. 2000. I believe, the debited funds have been refunded. I will now go ahead and re-credit my account with another 2000 and try activating the App. In case any other issues persists, will write to the team on the kiteconnect(at)

    Though missed out on activating the algo for today.
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