Need order No.

I am placing order using publisher Api of Kite. I can place the order successfully but I want to save the order no. for the reference which I am not able to get. Please help me with the same .

Below is my code:
KiteConnect.ready(function () {
var kite = new KiteConnect(accesstoken);
for (var i = 0; i < data.Message.length; i++) {
"exchange": data.Message[i].exchange,
"tradingsymbol": data.Message[i].symbol,
"quantity": data.Message[i].actualnoshare,
"transaction_type": data.Message[i].transactiontype,
"order_type": data.Message[i].ordertype,
"tag": data.Message[i].tag,
"product": data.Message[i].product
kite.finished(function (status, request_token) {
if (status == 'cancelled') {
SetAlert("Oops! It seems that you have cancelled your investment. Click 'Invest Now' button to continue again.");
else {
window.location = '/MyDashboard';
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