[URGENT] Position API giving wrong price


Till yesterday the price I was getting for my overnight position was based on the price of the last transaction. Today morning I am seeing a totally different price than my last transaction. Is there change in some API? Since this will change my profit calculation and my algorithm will also not work in the right way. Is this a bug?
  • arva
    I am seeing price that was for Friday, and yesterday I have done several transactions and my price is totally different. This is for MCX Silver. My position is currently short, and it shows me my transaction price of Friday and not last transaction price as of yesterday.
  • arva
    I am seeing wrong position even in Zerodha Kite App.
  • arva
    Looks like the API started to send correct response after market open. But this has never been the case earlier and my positions used to correctly reflect after 8am on MCX. Because of this error, my algorithm will not initialize correctly and may do wrong trades, I have taken care of the situation for today. But can you investigate issue with the API?
  • rakeshr
    This is resolved. Buttein here explains in detail about the issue.
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