Is Kite Connect accessible in python client outside ?

I'will be moving to another country and would want to continue my algorithmic trading. What are the steps I need to take in maintaining, recovering money from Zerodha account and how and adding funds.
  • sujith
    You may have to use VPN, if you are not able to connect. For funds, related stuff, I think you can speak to someone from support. We are not sure.
  • MAG
    You will have to look at compliance too.
    If you are out of India for more than 181 days, you are no longer a resident Indian. You qualify as an NRI.
    Once you are an NRI, there are limitations as well as additional compliances as mandated by SEBI/RBI.

    One of the limitations if I am not mistaken is that you cant do Intraday trading in FNO segment.

    Additional compliances are related to SEBI rules about mandatory disclosures by zerodha to SEBI/RBI and hence there are higher brokerage charges for NRI customers.

    You would need to check with zerodhas support or compliance teams for details.
  • ANL
    I had previously worked outside of India. You can use the Kite API just as easily as you would in India. You need a more stable Internet connection. Change the time zone in your code. That's all I can say that technically. You must pay NRI taxes in India, according to various tax laws. The NRI tax is less than the Indian residency tax. So, if you prefer NRI, you must pay taxes and comply with the income tax mandatory disclosures. Brokerages are different for NRIs, and tax filing is different than usual. Finally, it is better to pay regular Indian resident taxes in order to avoid having to alter your bank account or tax slabs. You can trade outside of India, pay the same taxes, and follow the same laws. For algorithm traders, becoming an NRI presents a challenge.
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