Unable to connect to WebSocket in C++ using the zerodha/cppkiteconnect.

Hi Team,

I am trying to implement a websocket connect using cppkiteconnect for streaming quotes. I have fully build this git directory along with its dependencies and manage to run the example number 1 which is running fine as they are API calls.

But now I need to implement websocket connection as mentioned in example number 3 & 4 which is not working and continuously giving me "Couldn't connect..." error to me. I tried connecting to "wss://ws.kite.trade/?api_key={0}&access_token={1}" using html and it is working although there I am not able to send data over a socket for subscribing but getting the heartbeat from it but in cpp only getting the error.

Kindly request you to please help me with this error and let me know i am missing something.
  • Lino
    Lino edited December 2023
    I'm facing the same issue
  • rakeshr
    continuously giving me "Couldn't connect..."
    Can you paste here the complete error stack trace?
  • Lino
    Lino edited December 2023
    ws->hub {inflationStream={next_in=0xcccccccccccccccc
    Error reading characters of string. avail_in=1927724405
    ...} }
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