Feature Request: KiteConnect Constructor argument to force popup style window.


1. It's been quite some time since the login-loop bug has popped up due the browsers' policy changes on handling 3rd party cookies. The kite publisher js library still decides whether to spawn the order basket flow inside an iFrame or whether to spawn a new window for the offsite execution flow, based on just the userAgent.

2. The end result is practically the same - redirecting the user to the `/basket` uri flow on kite. Zerodha team, in all issues resulting from the above problem, has been suggesting to post a form directly to the same url to mitigate the problem.

3.The publisher js plugin is, practically speaking, majorly just providing convenience JS methods to construct the form mentioned in (2) above and post it the '/basket' uri.

Based on these 3 points, could team kindly either let us know:
a) If they are internally working to change their current systems to account for the `login-loop` in a near-future update.
b) If they could add another parameter to the KiteConnect constructor, allowing the library users to choose between the 'modal','popup' or 'auto' style of execution window explicitly.

  • sujith
    There is no workaround for this. Browsers are blocking cross domain cookie management. The solution itself will be to open new tab or window for every Publisher request. For now, we suggest users to use offsite basket execution flow, we may do that same for Publisher flow as well.
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