Unable to Edit the Redirect URL

I need to edit my app's redirect URL I have set my redirect URL as 127.0.01 How can I change it to some other address. I clicked on profile tab and there's no way to change my redirect URL there. Please let me know how can I change my redirect URL?
  • Vivek
    You can login to developers console and edit the app you are using to change the redirect url.
  • suraj
    suraj edited May 2016
    Now I got to know that my APP is still in pending State. I went to developer's console. It seems I can't change my redirect URL when my APP is in pending state. The Status of APP is shown as pending in website. The link where I can change my APP settings( Redirect URL and other settings) is not working. When I try to click on my APP it redirects me to a page which says Server Error (500) Error . I created my app yesterday(2016-05-02) when will my app be active? Are there any other ways to edit my redirect URL?
  • Kailash
    We checked your account and your app is active.
  • suraj
    This is for different account. The account ID is RC0677. Can you please check this account and make my app active?
  • Kailash
    Hi, looks like you created 2 accounts accidentally somehow. We've disabled the one with the pending app. The current account has the app and it's active. Please logout and login once.
  • suraj
    Thanks that worked
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