Exit NRML order which is not in range.

kakya edited January 23 in Python client
Usually NRML orders are done in range. if tired out of range we get bellow error

Buy orders are blocked for this strike price due to [open interest (OI)](https://support.zerodha.com/category/trading-and-markets/kite-web-and-mobile/articles/why-did-my-bank-nifty-option-order-get-rejected) limits prescribed by SEBI. You can exit existing positions or place buy orders between 20950 - 21550 using NRML orders and 19100 - 23350 using MIS (intraday). Position conversion from MIS to NRML is not allowed.

If i make NRML order in 20950 - 21550 of say 21000 and hold it for couple of days, the range of this gets changed. And then if I want to exit the NRML order, im not able to as its out of range. but through UI can exit manually.

I need to help or solution how I can exit NRML order if the price is out of range.
  • sujith
    Can you share the complete request and response logs when this happens? You can enable debug logs of pykiteconnect as mentioned here.
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